Goddess I - Silver

With its lean and undeviating design Goddess I floats perfectly up alongside the earlobe or worn down the design suddenly gives a more classic and symmetrical vibe.


This piece of jewellery is available in both silver and gold. The material is 925 sterling silver plated with rhodium for a strong surface, or 925 sterling silver plated with a thick coating of 18crt gold.
The design is stylistic, raw, and simple in its expression with a focus on the multifunctional use. There are several options of use depending on whether they are to be used face down, upside down, mirrored or as a single statement piece in an ear pierced for ex. Further up the ear or as a combined statement single pierce with another simple earring. With a Cybele Goddess piece of jewellery, you will purchase custom designed pieces of jewellery with a clear expression and a sustainable design with multifunctional use. All Cybele Jewelleries are tested in accordance with the REACH European regulation and are certified in accordance within the REACH requirements.


  • Pair


  • Mat
  • Polished

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